Only a citizen of Slovak Republic and Austria may win the title of Austrian-Slovak Champion.

Divisions: Beginners (1A), 1A Advanced Austrian/Slovak contestants (1A), 1A Advanced open - foreign contestants, X Division (2A, 3A, 4A and 5A).

Rules for compulsory tricks (beginners)


Area for performing tricks is marked with tape or chalk. The size of this area is a square with sides measuring 75x75 cm. Every throw in marked area is automatically considered as an attempt of trick. All tricks must be performed so that the contestant stands inside marked area with both feet. Any attempt in competition with foot (feet) outside the marked area is considered to be unsuccessful attempt. Allowed tricks for contestant on stage: throwdown, sleeper, forward pass, one loop the loop or string adjustments. If the contestant is outside the designated area, he can manually adjust string or replace old for new string. Trick has to be finished with catching the yo-yo to one hand only (no knots are allowed). Referee may require control of contestant's string at any time. When performing tricks, it is possibile to return yo-yo normally, but also using bind.

Contestants may use any kind of yo-yo. They can use more than one yo-yo, but only one at the time. String can't be shortened, every trick must be performed with full length of string.

Three contestants with the highest scores from tricks, performs 1 minute freestyle to music of their choice.

Judges decision is final.


Contestant has 2 attempts to perform a single trick - 5 points for if the first attempt is succesfull, 3 points if the second attempt is succesfull.

Rules for freestyle (1A, X-division)


Competitors will perform three minute freestyle (maximum length - 3:00 routine, for 1A open and X-division two minute freestyle (maximum length - 2:00 routine), accompanied by the music of their choice. In the X Division are allowed styles 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A. Beginners and advanced are allowed to perform 1A style only. Freestyle begins when the music starts. Tricks performed before, are not considered as part of routine.

All music must be considered G-rated (appropriate for all audiences) and shall not contain offensive lyrics including but not limited to: obscenities, ethnic or sexual slurs, violence advocacy, etc. Upload your music during filling your application on this site (or later using upload function in Application section - latest possible time is June, 24th 2010). If you haven't recieved confirmation email, that we have your music, please bring it on a CD, CD-R or MP3 (preferred), WMA format on USB flash stick or any other device, from which can be your music uploaded to personal computer. The music you want to use, has to be in one track. If the track is longer than 2 minutes, it will be stoped between 3:00 and 3:01 (or 2:00 and 2:01 for 1A open and X-Division). If it's shorter, it means end of your freestyle.

All extra yo-yos that are to be used by a contestant shall be ready to use and must be brought on stage, before their freestyle starts.


Rating is based on two elements - technical and performance execution. Result is combination of positive and negative points.

Technical execution - approximately 80% of final rating (60% for X Division).

Performance execution - approximately 20% of final rating (40% for X Division).

- Full results. June 27th 2010

- Schedule has been added. June 22nd 2010

- Map has been added. June 12th 2010

- Change for beginners - 3 best perform 1 min. freestyle. June 2nd 2010

- Site for ASYN 2010 has been launched. May 25th 2010

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