Application form

Deadline for application and uploading music: June, 24th 2010

You can compete at most in two divisions (1A and X-division). Registration for F.A.S.T. Challenge, P-Challenge a Walk the Dog Race will be in the place of event.

Music upload: You can upload music for your freestyle during filling out your application, or later by returning to this site and choosing your files to upload without submitting your application (asuming that you have already filled the application before). So basically sending an application and uploading music are independent. If you won't recieve confirmation email, that we have your music, please bring it on a CD, CD-R or MP3 (preffered), on USB flash stick or any other device, from which can be your music uploaded to personal computer.

Choose one, or at most 2 division.

If you want to buy a T-Shirt with logo of event, please specify the your desired size (M, L, etc) in the field "Note below". Thank you.

Please rename your music file before uploading it, to following format: surname-name-division.mp3 (divisions are: 1a, open1a, x). Music should be in mp3 format, or the files can be packed in zip/rar archive without password. If you compete in 2 divisions, you can choose 2 files to upload and confirm the upload by clicking - "Upload file/files" link, below the Browse button. Maximum file size is 10 MB.

Upload your music

- Full results. June 27th 2010

- Schedule has been added. June 22nd 2010

- Map has been added. June 12th 2010

- Change for beginners - 3 best perform 1 min. freestyle. June 2nd 2010

- Site for ASYN 2010 has been launched. May 25th 2010

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